Hi, I'm Amirhossein Andohkosh.

I am a young web/front-end developer who enjoys making websites.


I have learned different programming languages as well as frameworks in order to help me to build any type of website including dynamic websites. My core skills for front-end development include HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (including jQuery frameworks). I have also learnt languages such as PHP and MySQL for back-end development. I also use WordPress as a content management system. I have also learned languages such as python for basic programming. I mainly use Photoshop for building graphics, and coda/sublime text for coding and programming.



I began working on websites when I made my first blog. I learnt HTML and CSS to make my own templates. I was also very interested in the business aspect of blogs and thus started learning SEO techniques as well. At the time (about 3 years ago) there wasn't a lot that you could do. Still my blog now has 800 followers. Considering the fact that it has not been updated in 2 years, I think my extra work paid off very well.
I then began learning more advanced languages such as PHP and MySQL as well as content management systems such as WordPress. I also started learning desktop languages as well such as Python and I was able to make a game in a group of people once using python and the pygame library. However due to my School work I have not recently had a lot of time to spend on programming and website development therefore I have not learned new languages.
I am hoping to study computer science at University so that in the future I will be able to develop further technologies and have a positive impact in this field. I enjoy solving problems and the satisfaction from it motivates me to continue with my studies and aim for the best.
The first time I used jQuery was two years ago and I was very excited when I first learnt t as I knew it will allow me to add a lot of interactivity to websites and any app which I might develop later on. Javascript is the language which jQuery library/framework is written in, so I also started learning Javascript and Javascript has far more capabilities, as it is a scripting languages as opposed to jQuery which has is created to make adding some interactivity to websites easier.
PHP is server side language which allows web developers to make dynamic websites. Of course PHP is not the only server ide language however it is one of the most famous and commonly used ones. It can interact with HTML and allow you to do simple things such as adding time to your website or more complicated things such making a registration and login system or an e-commerce website.

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